BadgerNet is an electronic maternity healthcare record system which allows real-time recording of your maternity journey.

It means your notes will be available wherever you are, such as in hospital or at a community midwife appointment, so we can access your notes quickly – no need for paper records.

If you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, you should still register your pregnancy with us and book access to our maternity service.

Once you’ve registered your pregnancy, your midwife/midwifery health trainer will give you all the details you need to register for your BadgerNotes account.

You will be able to see your maternity records online via an online portal or app (BadgerNotes).

BadgerNotes is available on both iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you can login to BadgerNotes via PC.

Creating an account

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, click "create an account". You will nee:

  • The passphrase given to you by your maternity team
  • Your mobile phone to receive your verification text
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set a password (for logging in) and a PIN code (for quick access to your app while it is logged in)
Your first appointment

Before your first appointment, it is helpful if you enter some information into your record via BadgerNotes:

  • ‚ÄčLog into BadgerNotes
  • Select "My Personal Care Plan"
  • Select the link in the Pre-Booking section and enter as much information as you can. This will give the midwife more time to spend with you to answer any questions while at your appointment
  • Your midwife will check this information with you at the booking
Benefits of using BadgerNotes
  • Information can be shared with you directly from the maternity system
  • Your records can easily be updated at each appointment or maternity visit
  • It’s safe and secure – only those with the correct login details can access the notes
  • You can update your own information, such as any allergies. This can then be discussed with your midwife at your next appointment
  • Add your preferences and plans for birth
  • Give your feedback regarding antenatal care, labour and birth experiences