The Hospital Travel Costs Scheme provides financial support to patients who otherwise may not be able to access appointments owing to the cost of travel.

Who qualifies? Patients receiving certain benefits automatically receive a full refund, these benefits are:

  • Income Support

  • Working Family Tax Credit

  • Job Seekers Allowance

  • Pension Credit Guarantee

Patients not in receipt of the above benefits may be able to claim but will need to complete form HC1 which is available from cash payment points (see below).

What type of transport can I use? Patients can use their own car or any form of public transport but this does not include taxis.

Where can I make a claim? There are two main payment points at Blackpool hospital. One is situated in the main Outpatients area at the Patient Travel Desk and the other is situated at White Reception located in the Women’s Unit at the rear of the hospital. Patients who claim from the pay points must be able to show proof of benefit, otherwise payment cannot be made.