Discover a workplace that cares

We recognise that our staff's dedication powers our effective healthcare service.

We value you, and that's why we're committed to providing more than just a workplace - it's a community that supports you in every aspect of your professional journey.

Flexible working: because life matters

We believe in work-life balance, and that's why we offer flexible working options that fit your lifestyle:

  • Flexitime: Choose your working hours within agreed core times
  • Self-rostering: Take control of your work times, especially for our 24-hour service providers
  • Job sharing: Share responsibilities and maintain that perfect balance
  • Compressed hours: Work smarter, not longer - spread your hours over fewer days
  • Term-time working: Ideal for parents, align your hours with school terms
  • Career break: Pursue your passions with a break from work for three months to two years
  • Flexible retirement: Options for our NHS Pension scheme members nearing retirement
Accommodation that feels like home

For our junior doctors and healthcare professionals, our Residencies Department offers accommodation support. Contact our accommodation officer for details or explore local letting agents for alternative options.

Childcare that grows with you

Your little ones are in good hands with our on-site day nursery, Happy Days Nursery. Flexible hours and a professional team ensure your peace of mind.

Playful summers for your kids

Our holiday play schemes keep your kids engaged and happy throughout the year. Fun-filled activities are just around the corner for the children of our amazing staff.

Caring for your family

Need advice on childcare? Our Child and Family Care Team is here to help.

Making work enjoyable
  • Eating: Subsidised restaurants, bistros, and coffee lounges at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Clifton Hospital
  • Shopping: A large shop at the hospital entrance for your shopping needs
  • Health and wellness: Occupational health, back pain services, smoking cessation support, and stress awareness programmes
  • Knowledge: Dive into a well-equipped library for your continuous learning