The role of our Medical Education Team is to harness the Trust's collective talent, supporting our staff to achieve more.

At the same time, we help to bring about change within the organisation as a whole and support people to develop appropriate skills, behaviours and attitudes which reinforce our culture, vision and values. 


The Medical Education Department at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals supports all our Medical Trainees and Students, Physician Associate Students and SAS and Locally Employed Doctors. 

The term Trainees covers our Foundation, General Practice and Specialty Trainee Doctors. 

We also work with Educators to ensure that they meet the necessary standards to be an Educational or Clinical Supervisor. 

Our Director of Clinical & Medical Education is currently Dr Kate Goldberg. She is supported by two Associate Directors of Medical Education, Dr Stephen Davies (Postgraduate) & Mr Jonathan Barker (Undergraduate) 


  • Organise and deliver a robust and appropriate Induction Programme for all students & trainees 

  • Quality control of the Foundation Programme teaching and training 

  • Quality Assurance of training placements at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals 

  • Ensure Students & Trainees experience an excellent learning environment, and the duties, working hours and supervision of trainees are consistent with the delivery of high quality, safe patient care 

  • Support our Students & Trainees to acquire the necessary skills and to achieve their curriculum needs through teaching programmes, effective educational supervision, and time to learn 

  • Support our Trainers to provide effective support, supervision and mentorship and teaching for doctors in training 

  • Provide on-site support to Students & Trainees with educational concerns/queries 

  • The Medical Education Team has an open door- office policy and is proud to provide a significant support service to our Trainees. 

We have Trust Specialty Training Leads & College Tutors for each of the Specialties at the hospital, the full list can be found here: link to pdf document listing the Trust Specialty Training Leads 

We also have a dedicated Lead for LTFT Training & SuppoRTT, her name is Dr Tessa Malone. If any trainees require any advice or support about the LTFT training process, or guidance on returning to work after a period out of training, Tessa is available to meet and support you with this. 

All Trainees at Blackpool are allocated an appropriately trained and GMC Recognised Educational & Clinical Supervisor.