NHS Careers North WestLancashire and South Cumbria NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) careers website.

NHS Health Careers (including non-clinical). NHS Health Careers aims to inspire, inform and encourage people to take action to join one of the more than 350 careers available in the nation's health service. 

Step Into the NHS. This website has been set up to encourage people to think about joining the NHS. The site is dedicated to providing help and information to people who are interested in working in the NHS and other health employers in any one of the 350 careers on offer. The website can help with information on what it is really like to work in health, how to get started in a career in the NHS or on the training and study needed to qualify for different jobs. You can also discover which career might suit you

NHS Jobs. This website allows you to search for NHS jobs (including jobs at BTH). You can also view and manage your applications that you have submitted too.