“The Organisation” means Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust whose registered office is situated at Whinney Heys Road, Blackpool FY3 8NR and includes the Organisation’s servants, employees, and agents.

“Car Park” means the car parks situated on the estates of Blackpool Victoria Hospital or Clifton Hospital. Including surfaces and multi storey car parks. “Vehicle” means the vehicle which enters the car park and includes any mechanical device on wheels, its equipment, and accessories.

“Persons,” “You” and “Your” means a person who has accepted these terms and conditions by entering and parking a vehicle in the car park.

1. Liability of the Organisation

All persons entering the car park do so at their own risk and neither the Organisation nor any person acting on its behalf is in any way responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by them, or for loss or damage to vehicles and their contents left within the

car park. This does not exclude liability caused by the Organisation’s negligence or other breach of duty. If your vehicle is damaged in any way whilst in the car park, or should you lose the vehicle or any of your personal possessions from it whilst it is in the car park, please:

a. Immediately inform the car parking management team.

b. Report any incident of theft to the police.

c. Notify your insurers promptly.

If any damage, loss or injury is suffered, the car parking management team should be notified on 01253 956970 (answerphone service is available out of hours) before the vehicle is removed from the premises.

2. Payment and Charges

Parking charges must be paid in accordance with the posted rates as displayed on the tariff boards at the entrance to our car parks. Failure to pay the parking charges shall be considered a breach of these terms and conditions, and legal action could be taken to recover the outstanding parking charges and associated costs. The Organisation reserves the right to vary the tariff without notice.

3. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Some of our car parks operate on a ticketless system with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Cameras are installed at both the entrance and exit of the car park, and automatically log the number plate of vehicles on entry and exit. This information is used to determine the length of stay, pre-booking status, and relevant parking charges payable.

4. Tickets

If the ANPR system is unable to automatically read a number plate, you will be issued a paper ticket at the entry barrier. Tickets are non-transferable. Tickets are only valid for one entry and one exit at any one time (i.e. you must enter and leave the car park before the ticket will allow a second entry to be made). The ticket cannot be used in respect of a second vehicle or car park user.

5. Lost Tickets

If you fail to produce your ticket on departure, you will be charged at the 24-hourly rate of £6.30. No refund will be made for any parking charges paid in respect of a lost ticket.

6. Responsibilities of car park users

Persons using the car park should adhere to the Highway Code and must comply with all posted signs, markings, speed limit and instructions within the car park, and must not obstruct the flow of traffic. If you cause any damage to a vehicle in the car park you must notify the car parking management team on 01253 956970 and leave your registration and contact details immediately. You must ensure that your vehicle is parked in an appropriate manner, in a designated parking space, at all times.

Specified rules and responsibility for car park users are as displayed on the tariff boards at each car park:

  1. Parking without displaying a valid parking permit or pay and display ticket (where appropriate).
  2. Staff parking in designated patient parking areas.
  3. Parking in designated or emergency vehicle access areas.
  4. Parking on yellow lines or hatched areas.
  5. Parking outside of a designated parking bay.
  6. Parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid blue badge.
  7. Exceeding time in short stay & drop off bays.
7. Prohibited activities

You are not permitted to tow any vehicle into the car parks. You must not under any circumstances exit the car parks by walking under a vehicle entrance or exit barrier, or by walking on the ramps. No work on or cleaning of, vehicles is permitted in the car parks without documented permission from the Organisation. No activity in connection with the selling, hiring or other disposal of vehicles is permitted in the car park. No car boot sales or selling of any type is to take place. Bikes, rollerblades, electric-scooters, micro-scooters, skateboards and Heelys® are not permitted in the car parks or on the car park ramps.

Pedestrians are not permitted on the car park ramps at any time. Smoking, vaping, littering, and any form of illegal activity are strictly prohibited within the car parks. The use of a vehicle for an overnight stay is strictly prohibited.

8. Rights of the Organisation with respect of vehicles

The Organisation reserves the right to refuse admission to its car parks. The Organisation reserves the right to move vehicles within the car park, by driving or otherwise:

a. To the extent that it is reasonably necessary to avoid any obstruction, security risk,

or health and safety risk to other users of the car park: or

b. For the more efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at car parks: or

c. To remove immobile vehicles from the flow of traffic: or

d. To place vehicles parked over multiple bays into a correct parking bay.

The Organisation reserves the right to remove a vehicle from the Organisation’s premises, by driving or otherwise, if it is reasonably considered to be causing a risk or a potential risk, to the users of the car parks. The Organisation will consider a vehicle to be a risk if it is blocking an emergency exit: causing a fire hazard: posing a security risk or health and safety risk, or any other situation in which other users of the car parks or the Hospital may be at risk.

Before removing a vehicle from the car park the Organisation will make reasonable enquiries to identify and contact the owner of the vehicle.

The Organisation may choose to employ the services of a third-party contractor to tow or otherwise remove the vehicle from the premises and the vehicle owner will be charged to recover the vehicle.

The Organisation reserves the right to recover any reasonable costs incurred by them in the removal of a vehicle.

The Organisation reserves the right to move vehicles to any other reasonably convenient car park where the car park gates to be closed either temporarily or permanently in whole or part, for any reason.

9. Abandoned vehicles

Any vehicle left in the car park for more than 5 days, which is not subject to a valid parking ticket or for which prior notification has been given to the Organisation, may be considered abandoned.

The Organisation reserve the right to removal of any vehicle it reasonably believes to have been abandoned.

Before removal of abandoned vehicles, the organisation will make reasonable enquiries to identify and contact the registered keeper of the vehicle.

10. Acceptance of terms

By accepting a ticket, or entering our car parks, you confirm that you have read and

understood the terms and conditions set out above along with the further guidance set out below.

If any term, or part thereof, is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that term, or part term, shall be deemed not to form part of these terms and conditions of use and the remaining terms shall not be affected and shall be enforceable.

11. Further guidance

Before leaving your vehicle:

  • Ensure your vehicle is locked and all windows securely closed.
  • Ensure that any security lock is properly engaged, and alarm system activated.
  • Take all possessions with you when you leave your vehicle. If this is not possible, do not leave them where they are visible.
  • If you are issued with a ticket with you when parking on an ANPR car park, please carry this with you.
  • Where a ticket is purchased for a Pay & Display car park, this must be displayed clearly on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • When driving in the car park:
  • Drive carefully and safely, ensuring adherence to the advertised speed limits.
  • Abide by the usual rules of the road and take notice of all markings and signs (static and digital) especially in relation to giving way to other vehicles, watching for pedestrians and stopping where appropriate.
  • Do not delay your exit from the car park and keep a watchful eye for children or other users who may have impairments using the car park.
12. Notification and complaints

For any queries in respect of these terms and conditions or if you consider you have a complaint against the Organisation, we ask you to notify the Organisation if possible, within 48 hours, in writing, to the car parking management team, Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Whinney Heys Rd, Blackpool FY3 8NR, or to Patient Relations, Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Whinney Heys Rd, Blackpool FY3 8NR.

13. CCTV

Please note that CCTV, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and Body-worn Video (BWV) is in operation within our car parks for the purposes of vehicle management, public safety and crime prevention and detection. By entering our car park, you agree that we may collect your data for effective operational purposes. Your data may also be used for crime prevention and security purposes.