The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy service operates an open referral system, meaning we accept referrals from any professional working with a child and also from parents themselves.

There are two ways you can access our service, depending on your concerns. Either via our telephone advice line, or by completing a referral for assessment.

Telephone advice line

We can offer a 15 minute telephone appointment with a speech and language therapist. We would recommend you request one of these appointments if you:

  • Are unsure whether you need to be concerned and would like some advice
  • Have noticed that others don’t always understand what your child is saying
  • Have noticed that your child isn’t saying quite as much as other children their age
  • Have noticed that your child has started to stammer sometimes
  • Would like some general advice

To request a telephone advice appointment, please telephone 01253 951101 or email Please include your contact number, name of your child, and let us know that you are requesting a telephone advice appointment.

Referral for assessment

If you have concerns about your child (such as those listed above), it is likely that we will need to talk to you in more detail than we can during a telephone advice appointment, and also that we will need to spend some time assessing your child.

In this case, we would recommend completing our referral form (you can do this yourself, or with the help of your child’s school/nursery/health visitor etc).

Please do provide as much information as you are able about your concerns, so that we can make sure your child receives the most relevant assessment.