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The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) service works with  children and young people aged 0-19yrs with a wide range of speech, language, communication and/or eating and drinking difficulties.

Speech and Language Therapists work with children who have difficulties with any aspect of speech, language or communication development. This might include:

  • Children who are taking longer than expected to learn to talk
  • Children with limited vocabulary, who struggle to form sentences, or who get their words and sentences muddled up
  • Children who find it difficult to understand what others are saying
  • Children who struggle to communicate socially with others
  • Children who struggle to say certain sounds or make themselves understood
  • Children who stammer
  • Children who have problems with their voice

The aim of the Speech and Language Therapist is to help the child or young person to reach their full potential by providing assessment, diagnosis and intervention.