Over the years we’ve been pleased to welcome a number of students into Chaplaincy.

Some come to us interested in what we do and why we do it, some are trying to discern God’s calling in their lives and some are on theological training courses and interested in developing their pastoral muscles. Some students come looking for a quick chat, some to spend an afternoon or a day with us, some hoping for time on a more regular basis.

If you are interested in meeting us or doing a placement with us, please contact the team directly and we’ll do our best to help.  Call 01253) 953876, (01253) 956299 or (01253) 958039

“I need to thank you all again for everything that you offered me and led me through with generosity, kindness and wisdom. (The placement) has given me confidence and confirmed that I can do what God has called me to! … You provided me with a wide ranging experience. I can’t imagine it could have been wider….Thank you… for all that this placement was and for the next steps you have helped me take on this path.” 

K.H., Theological College student


I am very grateful (for)…. such an excellent summer placement for licensed lay ministry training in hospital chaplaincy.

The experience is really helpful, and links well with the spiritual formation and theology training elements of (my)….. training course.

....the visit to the Mosque, hospice, bereavement team as well as hospital wards have all helped me gain insights from people with different life experiences and tradition that influenced their beliefs. 

The recommended reading was also very appropriate and helpful. I found it especially useful to know more about the end of life care needs of people of other faiths or none. 

It was amazing to have witnessed an emergency baptism...

It was so good to have so many supervision meetings to debrief and pray for patients and each other in the Chapel…..

 Dr. K W, 2023