When your appointment is complete, you will be handed a clinic slip, which you should take back to the clinic receptionist who will then note the outcome of your visit and book any follow-up appointment that may be necessary.

Prescriptions issued by the Trust can be taken to any outside pharmacy unless the nursing staff instruct you differently.

Patient Initiated Follow Ups (PIFU)

Many patients with long-term conditions, or following hospital treatment, are asked to meet with their clinical team regularly. However, those follow-up appointments don’t always need to be at routine intervals, but just when the patient needs them. 

Patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU for short) is a type of appointment that allows you to arrange a follow-up appointment for you, or someone you care for, only when you need it. This is an alternative to a routine follow-up appointment, which can sometimes be inconvenient, stressful and an unnecessary expense.

If PIFU is available and suitable for you, the healthcare professional responsible for your care will discuss this option with you and if you are happy, will add your name to the PIFU appointment list.

Once the healthcare professional responsible for your care adds your name to the PIFU appointment list, you will be able to contact the service directly to arrange a follow-up appointment only when you feel you need it. 

Your healthcare professional will tell you what symptoms or complications to look out for that would indicate you should make an appointment. This follow-up may be at the hospital, or a telephone/video appointment. Your healthcare professional will discuss this with you nearer the time.

You will be told how long you will be on the PIFU list, as this will be determined by your clinical condition. If you do not need an appointment within this specified time period, you will be discharged from the service and you will need to contact your GP or referring clinician to be seen again by the clinical team.