This department is unable to respond to patient enquiries. Please ring the switchboard on 01253 300000 for general advice.

Please call the following numbers between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to contact a member of the Communications team or email

01253 956941
01253 953538
01253 953059
01253 957155

For assistance out of hours, please contact the switchboard on 01253 300000.

The team is responsible for media relations on behalf of the Trust and manages all internal and external communications.

We work with journalists to respond to queries and to help the public get the right information when they need it.

• Media and external communications
• All internal communications for staff, patients and visitors
• Maintenance of the Trust website and social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and NextDoor
• Monitoring and responding to social media on the corporate Trust accounts
• Support for official visits

We monitor our social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, during working hours.

We are unable to answer clinical or medical questions or enquiries regarding appointments  via our social media sites.

Online behaviour
While we realise that everyone has the right to their opinion, in the unlikely event that anyone interacting with our social media platforms behave aggressively or become threatening towards any member of our staff, including the Communications team who monitor the accounts, we will remove any unsuitable content and if necessary, block the account.

Patient condition checks should be referred to the communications team during office hours on the above numbers.
The full name, address and postcode of the patients must be provided to the communications team in order for a condition check to be carried out.
No information about a patient will be given to any agency without the full consent, which the communications team will seek to acquire from the patient, relative or guardian. No patient information can be disclosed without the full and proper consent.

Proposals for filming, taking of photographs or interviewing, either for patients or staff, must be referred to the Communications team during office hours.

Proposals to film or photograph internal or external parts of any of buildings should also be referred to the communications team.


Please note that anyone who is found to be filming or photographing on one of our sites without the permission of the Trust’s communications team will be asked to leave. All filming requests will be considered on an individual basis.


All film crews and photographers must be accompanied by a member of Trust staff. No patients or staff are to be filmed without consent. Patients are required to fill in a Trust consent form before proceeding with any filming. If a patient is under 16 years of age, the parent or guardian must complete the form. All film crews and photographers must comply with the Trust’s infection, prevention and control procedures.

Key principles

  • Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance and written consent to filming must always be obtained from patients, staff and the Trust. Consent forms must be sent to and agreed by the communications department prior to filming
  • Authorisation will be given on the understanding that it may be withdrawn at any point if either a patient or member of staff does not consent to filming
  • Filming must not interfere with the provision of patient services or effective running of the Trust. Patient and staff safety is paramount at all times
  • The privacy of patients must be respected and their dignity preserved
  • Film crews must vacate the area if reasonably requested to do so by a senior member of staff
  • If requested by the Trust, the company must show the final version of the film before broadcasting to ensure content is appropriate and matters of confidentiality are not breached
  • Film may be used only for the purpose identified in the application.