We accept referrals from GPs, hospital consultants and extended scope practitioners working in musculoskeletal services.

Once we have your referral, we will send out a small pack of questionnaires for you to complete and return in the supplied stamped addressed envelope.

When we receive these back you will be allocated an appointment in the clinic which best suits your needs. We aim to arrange these about six weeks in advance. If the date or time is not convenient please call the department on 01253 955303.

We now offer appointments by telephone, video and face-to-face

If you are asked to attend a face-to-face appointment most take place at our base in Whitegate Health Centre. We are on the first floor next to the pharmacy. There are a limited number of appointments available at Fleetwood Hospital and Lytham Primary Health Centre.

Tips for a successful appointment

  • Arrive five or 10 minutes before your appointment. We cannot guarantee you will be seen if you are late
  • The appointment will last 30 to 40 minutes and will include questions about your pain and how it is affecting your life
  • Your assessment may include a physical examination so wear appropriate loose fitting close
  • Pleasing bring a list of your medications and any relevant letters or scan reports from other hospitals
  • If you have some specific questions regarding your condition, then it can be useful to write them down to ensure you remember
  • You are welcome to bring a family member or close friend into the appointment
  • If you need an interpreter, please inform us at least two weeks in advance so this can be arranged