Ward 8

The ward is located on the second floor of Area 4 (green) of Blackpool Victoria Hospital and has eight ensuite side rooms.

We have access to two beds on this ward for our CF patients requiring inpatient treatment. There is wifi available on the ward. There are TVs in each patient room. We are planning to have a fridge for each of the CF rooms also so patients can store medication and snacks.

Admissions process

If you feel you need to come into hospital urgently during the working week (Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm), we advise that you contact the CF team on 01253 955086 to arrange an outpatient clinic appointment. At this appointment, the CF team will assess if you need to be admitted.

If you are unwell and need advice ‘out of hours’, we advise that you call Ward 8 and liaise with the nurse in charge on 01253 953408.

They may take information from you such as:

  • Symptoms e.g sputum change, haemoptysis, pain, bowel change, temperature
  • Antibiotic history (last set of antibiotics either oral or IV and name of last antibiotics)
Intravenous (IV) antibiotics at home

Some IV antibiotics can be self administered at home, and the multi-disciplinary team will discuss this with you if this is an option available to you.  

To ensure patient safety, there is specific criteria to adhere to and patients must be willing to complete the IV training and assessment programme. The CF specialist nurse can provide you with more information.