ADAS provides a home visit service for patients taking anticoagulants who are housebound and unable to attend one of the outreach treatment centres. The INR is determined using a finger prick blood sample and point of care testing (POCT) device. The warfarin is dosed in the ADAS office by the dosing team.

The yellow treatment book is returned to the patient by post. Any dosage changes that need immediate communication are telephoned to the patient. Due to the numbers of patients, the service is organised by postcodes and up to 130 patients are visited in any one day i.e FY8/ PR3 patients are seen on Mondays. Therefore, we are unable to give exact times for appointments and all patients are visited between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

A patient must be referred by a GP for the domiciliary service and must fit the criteria for the ADAS domiciliary service.