"This amazing service & my therapist have saved me from reaching the point of no return. There aren’t enough words to express my thanks & gratitude for everything that my therapist has done to support & guide me through learning & self-help techniques. I’m now a convert to positive psychology & couldn’t recommend Blackpool Talking Therapies anymore! At every stage I have felt heard, understood & cared for. Mental Well-being is such a gift & I can only say thank you so much. Wonderful people."


"The lady I spoke to was lovely, very calm and made me feel immediately at ease. I felt like she really listened to everything I said and understood the problems I was facing. Each week I learnt a new technique to help me with controlling anxiety and worries and this has helped me enormously. I’m in a much better place now, thank you."


"I feel so much better now. At the beginning I could hardly string a sentence together and kept breaking down and had such a dry mouth, but using the self-help tools, my therapist made me feel that I am worthwhile, that I do matter and I should be much kinder to myself. I now have a much more positive outlook and can honestly say I am looking forward to the future, thank you so much. I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who is experiencing mental health difficulties."


"The PWP was the most wonderful lady I’ve come across, she has helped me in so many ways and has had such an impact on my life in such a short time, I always felt so important and listened to every word I had to say. She has helped me grow and the advice and material given are helping me incredibly. She is such a credit to your team, and I thank my lucky stars I got to speak to her."


"The Mindfulness course has been fantastic. It has made me focus on myself every week, which has been so good for my wellbeing. I really looked forward to the sessions with Lisa. She is very engaging. I have learnt so much, it’s been invaluable. I just need to remember to regularly practice. Thank you to the team for the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very helpful. I have really enjoyed the course. It’s been so good to refresh my mindfulness skills and learning."


"I recently attended the stress control online course and found it to be extremely useful.The weekly course reminded me to stop and think about my stress, worries etc every week, for six weeks. It helped me to action other beneficial actions, for example getting more exercise, having more rest periods and starting breathing exercises. It isn’t my first stress course, and it might not be my last stress course, but it has helped me break some things down into manageable pieces. I am very grateful to you for this course, my thanks to the team."