Smoking is not allowed in any area of the Trust, including buildings, doorways, grounds and car parks.

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The purpose of the smoke-free policy is to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of all patients and also employees, visitors and contractors.
Smoking puts patients at risk of complications and delays their recovery. Completely smoke-free hospitals and grounds create a smoke-free environment for people trying to stop smoking and for those who are required (need) to remain smoke-free whilst in hospital or visiting.

As a health care organisation, we are committed to promoting wellness. It is important that we treat patients in a healthy and safe environment. Allowing smoking anywhere on the site, even in designated areas, would not be consistent with this commitment.
We do not want our patients, visitors and employees to be exposed to secondhand smoke while on our site.

We don’t have designated smoking areas as we are a completely smoke-free hospital site. As part of the NHS we need to ensure that we are promoting positive health messages. Having shelters anywhere onsite condones smoking and gives out the message to patients and visitors that it is acceptable behaviour.

Nothing harmful will happen to someone if they don’t smoke. The patient may experience symptoms of nicotine withdrawal which can be managed with nicotine replacement therapy. There is a need, however, to protect patients, visitors and staff from the effects of secondhand smoke.