The Trust employs Matrons and head nurses across all divisions. They are there to provide a central point of contact for both colleagues and patients.

The role of the Matron includes:

  • Leading by example – Demonstrating to other nurses the high standards of care NHS patients can expect
  • Making sure patients get quality care – Taking responsibility for driving up standards of care and leading work to improve professional practice and patient services
  • Making sure the wards are clean – Setting and monitoring standards and taking action to ensure that specifications are met
  • Ensuring patient’s nutritional needs are met – Making sure that patients get the right meals, at the right time, and that they are able to eat them
  • Empowering Nurses – Enabling more Nurses to undertake a wider range of clerical responsibilities to speed up patient care, such as admitting and discharging patients, ordering tests and prescribing medicines
  • Making sure patients are treated with respect – Ensuring their privacy and dignity are protected and making sure they are addressed in the way they choose
  • Resolving problems for patients and their relatives – Acting quickly to deal with problems when and where they occur and working closely with the Trust’s Complaints team and the Patient Relations Service.