What is Long COVID?

Patients can develop Post Covid Syndrome, which is commonly known as Long Covid, following on from having Covid-19. Although most people recover from COVID -19, some may experience longer term effects including a range of symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, a cough, ‘brain fog’, anxiety, low mood and poor sleep. Long Covid is when symptoms last 12 weeks or more. Long Covid can affect a wide range of people from the young fit and active to the older person.

What is The Long Covid Service?

The Long Covid Service aims to provide help and support to local patients suffering from Long Covid symptoms. The service is open to adults who have been suffering with symptoms for 12 weeks or more. You do not need to have been treated in hospital for Covid to be referred to the service.

The Long Covid Team is made up of different healthcare professionals, a Doctor, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, Psychological Wellbeing Worker and a Rehabilitation Support Worker. The Team will complete a holistic assessment, talking through the care and support available, setting goals and helping patients to manage and recover from Long Covid symptoms.

How do I get seen by the Long Covid service?

To be referred to the Long Covid Service, please see your GP who can refer into the service. You may be able to self-manage some of your symptoms. You can find lots of useful resources and guidance to support your recovery on Your COVID Recovery | Supporting your recovery after COVID-19

What to expect when referred to the Long Covid Service?

During the Covid pandemic, we are advocating a remote consultation for first. This allows us to make sure you are happy and safe to come to see us face to face in the future. It will also reduce the amount of time you will be need to be in the hospital. We offer both telephone consultation and video consultation. Video consultations provide some additional benefits of being able to see you and assess elements of your symptoms and abilities.

For more information on Long Covid go to:

www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk – Your COVID Recovery | Supporting your recovery after COVID-19

English National Opera lessons for long Covid sufferers – BBC News The Long COVID service can also refer you onto the English National Opera’s ENO program which is designed to use singing to improve your breathing in your recovery post COVID.

Home – Long Covid Support – Is a support group for those who are struggling with Post COVID symptoms , it has various resources and patient stories.

Patient leaflet: Covid-19 Rehabilitation Guide