Haematology is the study of blood formation and the diseases that can occur when this process goes wrong.

The delivery of Haematology Services includes the enumeration and examination of blood cells, the determination of blood groups, compatibility testing of blood for transfusion and genetic and molecular studies.

The Trust's department of Clinical Haematology caters for adult patients with both malignant and non-malignant diseases of the blood. These can range from deficiency anaemias and disorders of blood clotting to complex leukaemias and lymphomas.

At Blackpool Victoria Hospital, the department of Haematology works closely with Cancer Services to provide a comprehensive and effective service to Haematology and cancer patients. Based in the purpose-built Macmillan Windmill Unit, on the main corridor and in the adjacent Women and Children's Unit, the department offers a broader range of services than most hospitals of a similar size.

Hospital Haematology departments are often incorporated within general wards, but our specialist unit makes Nursing and training in Haematology easier and more practical for both staff and patients.

Haematology outpatient clinics are held Monday to Thursday in the Macmillan Windmill Unit.

At these clinics both new and follow up patients with a range of blood disorders are seen.

Many Haematology patients are treated as day cases and the department has a very active day unit where patients are seen regularly for treatments including blood transfusions and chemotherapy.
The Day Unit has chemotherapy sessions every day and provides patients with treatments for a variety of Haematological disorders both malignant and non-malignant. They include acute myeloid leukaemia, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, chronic leukaemia, myeloma, hodgkins and non-hodgkins disease. The department also performs high dose therapy with stem cell transplantation.
The Day Unit is on the ground floor of the main corridor, close to the Hospital Pharmacy. Patients can expect to attend the unit for between 30 minutes to eight hours for their appointment depending on the treatment they require.

Haematology and Oncology inpatients are normally admitted to the Haematology/Oncology Ward in the Women's Unit. The ward is mixed, although male and female patients are cared for on separate areas of the ward.