Betty had been in Clifton Hospital for over 100 days. As she required round the clock care, her family had decided that she would move into nursing home accommodation to provide the support she required. She had dementia and was confused from time to time. She was anxious about being discharged as she had become very settled at Clifton Hospital. Betty loved the outdoors and gardening had been a lifelong hobby of hers.

As the moving date approached Betty become more and more anxious and upset about being discharged into the home. Clifton ward staff used the care home connect technology to link with her new home. During the jabber call, Betty was able, with support from ward staff, to engage with staff at the home, giving Betty a virtual tour of the residence and showing her the room that would soon be hers; including how close it was to the garden. Betty was able to talk about her worries and ask the questions that were important to her including whether she was able to bring her own blankets and personal items with her.

The call had an immediate and profound effect on Betty’s mood. Being able to see her room, the garden and surroundings, alleviated her anxiety greatly.

Betty was successfully discharged from hospital the following day and settled very well into her new home. Staff from the home even called Clifton ward staff using the care home connect system to let them know how well she had settled in.

For patients, being discharged to a new home that you have never seen before can be very upsetting and cause a significant amount of anxiety; sometimes even delaying the discharge. Following Betty’s experience, staff realised that by simply making a video connection to the home, patients would be able to see the residence, be more involved in the decision making which would in turn alleviate some of the anxiety. As a result Clifton Hospital has implemented virtual discharges with all connected care homes in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.