Welcome to the Clinical Systems Safety Centre

Patient safety is our top priority at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This includes considering risks to patient safety when we are using digital systems to deliver care.

The Clinical Safety Team’s role is to assure the safety of the digital systems that are used within the organisation in line with NHS Digital’s information standards.

NHS Digital have published an information standard that we are legally required to comply with, known as DCB0160. The companies that we use to supply our health IT systems must also comply with another standard called DCB0129.

DCB0160 – our standard

In order to comply with DCB0160, we are creating a team of qualified healthcare professionals, called Clinical Safety Officers, and ensuring that we have the necessary policies and procedures in place to comply with the law. Below is a summary of all the activities we are putting in place to establish our clinical systems risk management system.

If you are a member of our staff and would like to learn more about Clinical Digital Safety here at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, please refer to our SharePoint site or contact the Clinical Safety Team by emailing bfwh.digitalhealth@nhs.net

DCB0129 – supplier standards

When implementing, upgrading or reviewing a system that is subject to DCB0129, all suppliers will be asked to provide the information specified which is our legal obligation to request. This includes:

  • Clinical Safety Case Report for the system
  • The name of the allocated Clinical Safety Officer

Please do not be surprised if you are asked for this information, it is our legal obligation and will make the implementation of your system into our organisation easier.

If you need any further information on the DCB0129 standards please contact the Clinical Safety Team via email: bwfh.digitalhealth@nhs.net