Listed below is a list of common hearing aid problems and their solutions. If you cannot solve the problem, please attend in one of our hearing aid repair sessions.

  1. Check that hearing aid is switched on
  2. Replace the battery
  3. Check that the battery is in correctly
  4. Inspect the ear mould for blockage of wax /water
  5. For body worn hearing aids check the cord is plugged in and in good condition

  1. Make sure the ear mould is in correctly
  2. Lower the volume on the hearing aid
  3. Ear mould may be loose and new one needed
  4. Wax and ear infections can cause feedback
  5. Scarves and hats covering the hearing aid can cause feedback

  1. Replace battery
  2. Check ear mould for wax/moisture

  1. Always open the battery drawer fully when aid not in use
  2. Store new batteries away from heat and moisture
  3. If aid is whistling this will drain batteries faster