The Alcohol Liaison team is there to support patients whose alcohol use may be putting their health at risk.  Alcohol accounts for 10% of the UK burden of disease and death and is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions including seven significant types of cancer. It’s not just all about liver disease, patients attend hospital for many reasons including…

Patients may also be at risk of developing alcohol withdrawal whilst in hospital therefore all patients are screened for alcohol use on admission to hospital and referred to the Alcohol Liaison Nurse Specialist team where appropriate.

The ALN team will assess your alcohol use and offer non judgemental support and advice to encourage you reduce your alcohol use to a lower risk level. Where needed the Alcohol Liaison Nurse Specialist will prescribe medication to help prevent alcohol withdrawal and if needing additional support the Alcohol Liaison Nurse Specialist can arrange for you to be referred to community support services for further treatment on discharge.

If you know you may be drinking more than recommended and you’re worried about coming into hospital please ask to speak to the Alcohol Liaison Nurse Specialist