What Dietetic Support Workers Do?

Dietetic Support Workers support and assist Registered Dietitians in delivering dietetic care and perform tasks that are delegated and closely supervised by Dietitians. They provide consistency within the delivery care plans of patients, enabling Dietetic Services to perform efficiently and effectively, by allowing Dietitians to focus their skills and expertise on high quality patient care.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has two Dietetic Support Workers, who are part of the Inpatient Dietetic Team.

What is a Dietetic Support Worker’s role?

  • Reviewing patients for the Dietitians
  • Completing telephone reviews
  • Checking nutritional support plans are being followed
  • Gathering information, such as anthropometric measurements and dietary intake
  • Administrative duties
  • Delivering nutritional supplements to wards for the patients
  • Stock checks of nutritional supplements and feeds
  • Conducting audits
  • Checking special diet menus for patients
  • Work within a multi-disciplinary team.